Proven technology selected by Americas Cup contenders for their superior readability, these displays provide an all-weather performance edge.
The electromechanical display comes in red or yellow flourescent colors for superb visibility in bright sunlight. "Standard" pre-programmed units are available for off-the-shelf delivery.This allows the clear communication of information over large distances. These display boards might look similar to the winners boards which you might see at baseball games or texas hold em tournaments, but they are actually an essential piece of equipment for many ocean racing sailboats. When it comes to top quality and visibility, these electromagnetic display boards have proved to be some of the top models available. Take a look below to see how you might benefit using this effective and reliable display unit.
Model CAD990C shown here. Features include:

History: The first high visibility display designed for ocean racing sailboats was introduced by Brandstedt Controls Corp (Miami, Florida) in 1984. The product was an off-shoot of the tractor trailer refrigeration unit status monitor by Mr Brandstedt (founder of Brandstedt Controls and Mayapple Company), known as the T-Ticker®.
A patent was granted in 1984 for the T-Ticker®.
The sailboat application was not patented and a number of similar displays are now on the market. These mast mounted displays are also known as "BRANDSTEDTS" or "JUMBO REPEATERS" (Brandstedt Controls), "MAGNUMS" (Ockam) or "20/20'S" (B&G).

The T-Ticker is a registered trademark of Brandstedt Controls Corp

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