Sticking Segments: One of the most common reasons for returning a display for repair has been "sticking" segments. It is an easily repaired problem, but it needs to be done at the "factory". The drive coil(s) behind the segment(s) must be replaced.
Water Damage:Perhaps the second most common reason for returning a unit for repair is damage caused be intrusion of water. The display housing is vented via two 1/8 diameter holes at the back and bottom of the display and improper storage of the display, say, by leaving the display on the mast during off-season with the mast horizontal and the display facing the ground. Water will under those circumstances accumulate within the housing, which in turn will corrode the mechanical parts of the display. This is also a repairable problem. The display must again be shipped back to "factory" and the display modules will have to be replaced.

Fading Digits:In time, from exposure to the sun, the display segments will lose some of the flourescent characteristic and no longer appear as readable compared to a new unit. This effects the red digits more than the yellow. This problem may take years of exposure to become noticable. It is also preventable by covering the display when it is not being used. If needed, the old display "decks" can be replaced with new ones. Again, this must be done at the "factory".

Lamp Failure(s):The display is illuminated for night time operation by 16 each, small #7218 lampbulbs, which are soldered to printed circuit boards just below the digits. Most likely, they will last for several years, but when they burn out they are replaceable. This could be done at a repair facility of the customer's choice, but if the display needs a general overhaul, again it is best to ship it back to "factory".
Field Repairs:Because the display is vented it makes it possible to make field repairs such as;

  • Replacement of front panel
  • Replacement of housing
  • Replacement of display board
  • Replacement of computer/power supply board
  • Replacement of program chip

Lightning Damage:Damage caused by a lightning strike near the boat may result in total failure of most or all of the electronics in the display. This is most economically handled by replacing both of the printed circuit boards within the display. Some credit may be given for returning the old boards.
Switch Input Failure:There are usually two or three push button switches used to remoteley control the scrolling of the pages and to set the dimmer or illumination level. Those switches are connected to the display microprocessor via a transistor array chip, which protects the more sensitive microprocessor. The failure of this transistor array may result in constant scrolling of the display or if the dimmer control input is damaged, constant cycling of the illumination levels. Either one of those conditions will keep the display from working. When this happens, the transistor array chip can be replaced "in the field". The chip is a ULN4003A or ULN4004A and it is located on the computer/power supply board in a socket.

If possible, please, do not take out the individual circuit boards when returning a unit for repair. Ship the display back in the lexan housing for protection and this makes it possible to install the display when it is returned without handling the circuit boards in the field.

Visa or MasterCard is accepted for repairs.

Ship repairs to: MAYAPPLE COMPANY, 290 Turnip Patch Road SW, Meadows of Dan, Virginia 24120


For more information and pricing contact:

Bjorn Brandstedt
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